Double Facer


1. The surface of the heating plate with grinding process ,for each is 600mm width ,meet international standard and with pressure certificate and inspection certificate.
2. Four segment pipe to control temperature and with temperature display.
3. The upper and lower conveyer belt to adopt pneuatic device to rectify deviation.
4. Double cylinder S type cotton belt tensioning device is used in upper cotton belt.
5. Drive roller coated with wear-resistant rubber ,With a with middle high design to ensure smooth cardboard output.
6. Internal of heating plate withpartition isolation structure,to make steam s-shaped flow ,Steam, water separation greatly to improves the utilization of steam.


Model SM-14
Heating plate 14
Design speed
Steam temperature 160—180℃
Steam Pressure 0.8-1.3Mpa
Air pressure 0.6—0.9Mpa