NCBD Slitter Scorer


1. HMI with 10.4-inch color touch screen, storage 999 orders, change orders automatically or manually with fault alarm.
2. Servo motor controls the knife and score wheel ,order change time within 3-8 seconds .
3. three kind of score line forms : convex to concave(three layer line), convex to concave(five layer line) ,convex to flat ,the depth of score could be control by touch screen .
4. Using tungsten alloy steel knife,life is more than 8 million meters.
5. knife sharpener with computer control,automatic or manual,could working and sharpening at same time ,production effeiiency improve greatly .
6. The whole machine can move left and right, to match the deviation of cardboard .


Model NCBD
Paper width 1400-2800mm
Design speed 200m/min
Minimum cutting width 135mm
Maximum Cutting Width
Minimum scoring width 0-130mm
Height of score 0-10mm
Configuration 5 knifes with 8 scorer