Single Facer Machine SF-320E


1. Touch screen and man machine interface ,with colorful pictures to show status ,selection ,fault indication ,etc .more easy operation and user friendly .
2. use electrical trolley to load group corrugated rolls ,so could quickly change roll within 10 minutes.
3. Electrical adjustment to control glue quantity ,the glue system could operation independently when the host machine stop to prevent from glue getting dry.
4. corrugated roll and pressure roll adopt the airbag control system with high stability, at the same time with pneumatic control buffer effect.
5. High quality corrugated roll ,gluing roll ,bearing ,to make more good quality cardboard and keep long life of machine.


Model SF-320E
Paper width 1400-2200mm
Design speed 180m/min
Steam pressure 0.8—1.3Mpa
Air pressure 0.4—0.9Mpa
Weight 7000kg
Dimension 3500x1700x2200mm